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Holiday Home Ownership Guide

There are so many aspects to consider when you’re looking to buy your dream holiday home that it can seem a bit overwhelming. That’s why we’ve put together a handy guide that has all the facts you may need to consider before purchasing. Broadly speaking, we’ve found there are three main elements to consider when looking for your perfect holiday home…

Location, Location, Location

Before embarking on a journey to find your perfect home away from home, you should consider the location and whether it’s right for you.


How far do you want to travel?
Think about your ideal travel distance. How long are you willing to spend travelling to your new holiday home? This will help you narrow your search. Our Holiday Parks are easily accessible from London and the Midlands, and private parking beside each lodge makes travel days hassle-free.


What’s important to you?
From Park facilities to the local area and attractions accessible from your new home from home, we all have different requirements. Are you planning to spend all your time at the beach? Or maybe you’d prefer to be in a countryside location? Think about how you want to spend your time away and find a Park that makes that as easy as possible.


What type of view are you after?
Whether you want rolling hills or a spectacular view of the sea, for many, the view is an important part of choosing the perfect escape. It’s worth checking that your chosen Park can offer the scenery you really want.

Holiday Lodge Costs

Owning a holiday home means a whole new way of life – offering an escape and a world of leisure that’s yours whenever you want it. While our owners treasure the freedom their holiday homes offer, costs are something that need careful consideration: the experience is only priceless if it comes worry-free.

Does the price work for you?
You’ll want to make sure that the cost of your holiday home fits within your budget. Take a look at the range of holiday homes at your chosen Holiday Park to find something right for you. Prices can vary depending on the size and location of the plot, or the types of amenities available at the Park.

What are the running costs?
Running costs are an important aspect to consider. They come up every year and you must be comfortable with them. Alongside the annual site fee, you need to find out about the associated costs, such as insurance and utilities. Our team will walk you through them.

Are there sublet options available?
The simple answer here is yes! Whether you’re looking to earn an extra income or just want to cover the running costs of your new holiday home, our fully managed sublet service offers you a hassle-free solution where we take care of everything for you.

Your Ideal Holiday Home

This is the fun part! Our holiday homes come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and we often have bespoke options available, so your choices can be endless. However, there will always be fundamental things that are important to you and it’s a good idea to consider these in advance.


How many bedrooms do you want?
Most of our holiday homes come with two or three bedrooms, but many lodges can house more and can be configured in different ways, using bunk beds or pull-out sofas.


What do you want included?
You may want a state-of-the-art entertainment system or a certain appliance in your luxurious new kitchen. Don’t worry, your chosen amenities can be catered for, making your home uniquely yours.


What do you want your outside space to look like?
The outside space around your holiday home may well be important to you, so we offer further options here, too. Do you want a deck, or would you prefer a private driveway? Make sure it works for you.

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